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The Ladybird Rarities
There are several Ladybird titles that are highly sought-after by collectors and memory-laners alike. The following Ladybird books are the rarest of the rare and don't surface on the market for sale too often.

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Ladybird Books - Nursery Rhymes Ladybird -Books  - Jack and the Beanstalk Ladybird Books - The House that Jack Built Ladybird Books - The Story of Sleeping Beauty
Ladybird Books - The Story of Cinderella Ladybird -Books  - Bedtime Rhymes Ladybird Books - Baby's First book Ladybird Books - Tootles the Taxi and other rhymes
Ladybird Books - The Adventures of Wonk - Going to Sea Ladybird Books - The Adventures of Wonk - Strawberries and Cream Ladybird Books - The Adventures of Wonk - Fireworks Ladybird Books - The Adventures of Wonk - The Secret
Ladybird Books - The Adventures of Wonk - The circus Ladybird Books - The Adventures of Wonk - The Snowman Ladybird Books - Uncle Mac's ABC Book Ladybird Books - Beside the Sea with Uncle Mac
Ladybird Books - A Little Silk Apron - Tasseltip tales Ladybird Books - Mr Mole's Housewarming - Tasseltip tales Ladybird Books - The Flickerdick - Tasseltip tale Ladybird Books - Clater! Clatter!! Bang!!! - Tasseltip tale
Ladybird Books - The First Day of Spring - Tasseltip tales Ladybird Books - The Flowershow - Tasseltip tales Ladybird Books - The Tinker's Wig Ladybird Books - The Inquisitive Harvest Mouse
Ladybird Books - The Conceited Lamb Ladybird Books - Cocky the Lazy Rooster Ladybird Books - The Impatient Horse Ladybird Books - Puppies and Kittens
Ladybird Books - Shopping with Mother Ladybird Books - The Farm Ladybird Books - Going to School Ladybird Books - Numbers
Ladybird Books - The Party Ladybird Books - The Zoo Ladybird Books - Helping at Home Ladybird Books - Telling the Time
Ladybird Books - Motor Cars Ladybird Books - Commercial Vehicles Ladybird Books - Cinderella - Well Loved Tales Ladybird Books - The Ladybird ABC

updating . . .

The Computer - special M.O.D. edition

This book is without doubt the rarest of Ladyibrd's publications.

The Compute
r from the How it Works series 654 is quite a common title in it's standard trade edition. But this edition was also printed privately for the Ministry of Defence in 1972.

Up until recently we started to believe this book to be a myth as we had never come across an edition or heard of anyone owning one, but after getting in touch with Douglas Keen, long-serving Editorial Director of Ladybird Books, it's existance was varified. See question 4 in our interview with Mr Keen

This private edition was limited to 80 - 100 copies and was printed without the usual Ladybird copyright information, and was produced in plain boards.The plain printing style of these 80 editions was at the request of the M.O.D., as they did not want their trainee staff to know that they were learning from a Ladybird book.

Some collectors doubt the existence of this book and although we have never seen a copy, we have spoken to an ex-employee of Ladybird who confirmed it's printing and kindly gave us the information above.

In our exhaustive search for this title the M.O.D. did spare the time to have a look at their library archive but came up with nothing. Although this was not exactly a state of National Security, they did say that it is possible that the book still existed as their archive only included books. They suggested that 'our title' could have been considered a training pamphlet which would not belong in their database.

If you have information relating to this absent title then we would love to hear from you!!

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In 1906 William Hepworth became a partner to Henry Wills - the new parnership was called Wills & Hepworth.

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